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Online shopping is becoming more popular by the day. In Australia alone, it has become a significant portion of the way people spend their money. As the ease and safety of purchasing online has increased, so to has the ability of people to track down the biggest bargains and buy them conveniently from their own home.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority conducted a study in 2011 that revealed some extremely interesting statistics. For example over 60% of online users bought products or services online between November 2010 and April 2011. The study also found that the main reasons people choose to buy online rather than at brick and mortar stores is what most people already know: it can often be cheaper, and it is more convenient.

 Another reason stated was that shoppers like to support local industries, and they often find this easier to do online, where there is increased access to goods that may not be available locally in a physical store. Worldwide Online Shopping  is a rapidly growing industry, with more and more online-only stores coming to the web every year. In addition, most major traditional retailers have realised that they need to also be online if they are to compete with web based stores who have considerably smaller overheads.

What are the benefits of online shopping?
1. Access to more goods and services - more variety A decade or two ago, if you wished to buy something that was located outside of your immediate area, you would have to make phone calls and go to considerable effort and expense. Now you can search for exactly what you want in any online shop, no matter where it's located. And because more and more businesses want to fill small niches, it has become much simpler to really narrow down your search to very specific items.

2. Lower prices It's a fact of life that regular retailers have trouble competing with online-only stores as they have large overheads, and often online shops are able to source their products from cheaper wholesalers overseas. This can have considerable benefits for buyers, as not only can you access lower prices, but you can also quickly compare pricing across dozens of merchants at once - never before in the past has this been possible with so little effort.

3. Easy access to overseas retailers Before internet shopping became mainstream, buyers had to make do with what they could purchase in Australia. These days however, it is just as easy to buy from an American-based store than it is from an Australian one. The downside of this can be the shipping costs, but many people find the lower price of the goods still makes it worthwhile in some instances. Ordering from Merchants from China like Discount China Shopping you will find most with free shipping

4. Simple to find what you want Browsing around a department store can be frustrating. How do you find exactly what you have in mind, and fast? On the web it's as simple as typing in your query into a search box and within seconds you can have dozens of results that match exactly what you want to buy.

5. Shop any time Instead of having to buy your goods during business hours, you can purchase at any time of day or night when you shop online. There are naturally some things you need to look out for when you are considering spending your money on a website. Is the merchant trusted? Is the website secure? What are the payment options? These are relatively easy things to find out, and it's good to be aware and alert to any potential fake or misleading websites. Needless to say, handing over your credit card details to such sites is not advised.

Thankfully, the majority of online stores are safe and abide by consumer laws in each country, so you can trust your details with them.

Online stores are  available 24 hours a day, and many consumers have Internet access both at work and at home.
 Other establishments such as internet cafes and schools provide access as well.
A visit to a conventional retail store requires travel and must take place during business hours.