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                                     Find bargains and shop online in one online shopping destination.

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                     International Shoppers from Country's not listed [ New Listings Coming Soon ] can order items from online stores that have secure online shopping and ships to your home or office wherever you are.
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                 Worldwide Online Shopping Malls is committed to helping you shop at the best International based web stores, That ship your products to you wherever you are, and process your payment.
                               We are proud to serve the global shopping community and gladly accept many international credit cards and forms of payment

  Viventura - Travel Experiences in South America

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Online stores are usually available 24 hours a day, and many consumers have Internet access both at work and at home. Other establishments such as internet cafes and schools provide access as well. A visit to a conventional retail store requires travel and must take place during business hours.

Online shopping is the process whereby consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller in real-time, without an intermediary service, over the Internet. It is a form of electronic commerce. An online shop, eshop, e-store, internet shop, webshop, webstore, online store, or virtual store .

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Product delivery

Once a payment has been accepted the goods or services can be delivered in the following ways.

    * Downloading: This is the method often used for digital media products such as software, music, movies, or images.
    * Drop shipping: The order is passed to the manufacturer or third-party distributor, who ships the item directly to the consumer, bypassing the retailer's physical location to save time, money, and space.
     * Shipping: The product is shipped to the customer's address or that of a customer-designated third party.

Most sites will accept international credit cards, some require both the purchaser's billing address and shipping address to be in the same country in which site does its business, and still other sites allow customers from anywhere to send gifts anywhere in the world.

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Viventura - Travel Experiences in South AmericaHappy Shopper Viventura - Travel Experiences in South America

             An immense new market of international customers with money to spend and a strong desire for New and the latest products exists.
                              These products are hard-to-get in foreign markets and more competitively priced in say the United States.

                                      The British Pound, the Euro, and the Japanese Yen are currently significantly stronger than the U.S. dollar.

                                                  International customers represent a substantial untapped market for American merchants.

            With just a click of the mouse, International  shoppers can buy nearly any product online on the web from perfume to computers, from pc games policies to the latest    novel.  The worldwide use of electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce, enables consumers to shop at thousands of online stores and pay for their purchases without  leaving the  comfort of home or office.  For many, the Worldwide use of the Internet has taken the place of  window shopping at the mall with the family they can surf the net
  to  find great deal or that hard to find movie that may not be available in their country.

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Buy online for the Family

Pay using PayPal/Buy internationally Buy internationally Feel safe paying people & companies around the world Make online payments fast in 24 currencies With PayPal, you can make international payments quickly and confidently - even to a complete stranger. Whether you're buying from a person or online store in another country, or sending money to family and friends overseas, there are lots of great reasons to do it through PayPal. The people you're paying never see your financial details If you pay someone overseas directly with your credit card, or send them a cheque, anyone can see the name and numbers on your card or bank account. One of the safest things about PayPal is that information about your bank account, debit card or credit card details are kept private and never shared with the person or business you're sending money to. All they see is your email address and, if relevant, delivery address. Pay in local currencies When you make payments to people and businesses overseas you usually need to change your Australian dollars to their local currency. Through PayPal, you can automatically convert the money you send to up to 24 different foreign currencies at very competitive rates. And the quicker your money gets to the overseas seller, the sooner they can send your goods to you.